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Warriors of Wellness 501c3 cancer wellness program

Warriors of Wellness

a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving the cancer community

WOW!  Encouraging health & healing...

"Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work.  The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.  Our food should be our medicine.  Our medicine should be our food."  Hippocrates Greek Physician (460 BC - 377 BC)

Healing...It's a Journey

A diagnosis of cancer if frightening and can be one of the most difficult challenges life can present for you as well as your family.  It is all encompassing...affecting you physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Warriors of Wellness program aims to address the needs of the entire individual by encouraging health and healing through support of the physical body, inspiring a renewal of the mind, and uplifting the emotions and spirit.  Each participant will learn to practice new lifestyle skills that enhance overall health and facilitate healing.

For newly diagnosed, as well as those who have been living with this disease for some time, the WOW program offers hope, empowerment, and options.  It is an approach to health and healing that aims to soothe, console, lift the spirit, nourish and strengthen the body and complement your current plan of treatment.  Our goal is to assist you to tap into your body's own natural healing abilities.  Gently encouraging your journey towards wellness.

Moving towards Wellness...The WOW Program

Every aspect of the WOW program is designed to focus on wellness.  It is individualized to meet specific needs and allows for flexibility and personal growth.  Participants received:

  • A Welcome Kit:  Contains a variety of educational materials to be used in the wellness support classes and products promoting wellness.
  • Complementary Bodywork:  Reflexology is a holistic way to support and encourage health and help you feel better.  It is based on the scientific theory that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to every organ, gland, and body system.  It is the gentle, skillful pressure to these reflexes that stimulates the body's own healing response.  A reflexology session feels good, is deeply relaxing, and promotes health.  Scientific studies have proven its effectiveness to reduce treatment side effects including nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, and joint and muscle pain.  It assists with relieving stress and anxiety and helps reduce depression.
  • Whole Foods Nutrition:  The basis of the program, whole foods contain essential nutrients and are irreplaceable on the quest for healing and preventing recurrence.  Each participant receives an individualized nutritional analysis to help identify specific areas of improvement as well as three months of supplements provided by the leading nutrition company in the United States.
  • Wellness Support Classes:  Within a peaceful, confidential environment, participants learn how to nourish their body, mind and spirit through 6, one day a week, classes of education, hands-on cooking and support.  WOW teaches how to "make every bite count" and encourages an attitude of considering "food as our medicine." 

 Becoming a part of WOW

The program is made possible through the loving compassion of a very special group of ladies.  They work tirelessly donating time and energy to make this program a reality.  Thanks to them and the generosity of local businesses and families, this program is fully funded! 

If you are a cancer survivor and interested in the WOW program


If you are interested in becoming a WOW volunteer or making a donation

please contact us by mail, email, or phone.

Warriors of Wellness, LLC

3739 S. Dixie Hwy.

Middletown, OH 45005


WOW Mission Statement & Information statements:

"Warriors of Wellness or WOW is a compassionate and cutting-edge group whose mission is to serve the cancer community by encouraging health and healing through funding and education for the use of holistic and natural approaches for cancer recovery and recurrence prevention."

"Warriors of Wellness or WOW is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides funding to cancer patients and survivors to participate in the Warriors of Wellness (WOW) program which includes reflexology, nutritional consulting, whole foods nutrition, wellness and support classes,  and a nutritional supplement program.  The Warrior's Wellness program was designed to support and encourage health and healing by enhancing your body's own healing response through the use of holistic and natural approaches.  This program can be used to complement your current medical treatment plan, to prevent recurrence, and to improve quality of life.  It was designed through the collaborative efforts of an RN with advanced holistic health and nutrition training and a medical oncologist and made possible through the loving compassion and hard work of a very special group of ladies."


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