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Backpain/Sciatic issues

"In December 2007,  I severely injured my sciatic nerve. The pain was extremely intense and debilitating.  A well-respected neurologist was able to offer no relief but simply ordered a battery of tests.  Meanwhile, someone suggested I seek the help of a local chiropractor,  and another friend suggested that I contact Sheila Agee for reflexology treatments. I discontinued the visits to the neurologist.  With the chiropractic treatments and Sheila's therapy, I was pain-free and able to resume all normal activities, including a vigorous schedule of walking, by spring.  Presently, I continue reflexology sessions on a monthly basis, for their therapeutic and relaxation effects.

Sheila's medical background, nutritional and herbal knowledge, and compassion make her a skilled and effective health care practitioner!

Even if you do not embrace the physical health benefits afforded by reflexology, you will find that the relaxation it provides is a powerful healing tool."         Eleanor, Middletown,OH





Diabetes/Neurapathies/Circulatory Issures:


Digestive Disorders:


Stress/Relaxation/Nervous Disorders:

"The first time I had reflexology (at a salon) I just could not see the benefit. Then a friend told me about Sheila and the amazing benefits she was getting so I thought I would give it a try again. I am so glad I did. I feel so much better both physically and mentally. I love my sessions and can’t wait to the next one. I am so grateful to Sheila for the health benefits I have received and I highly(and regularly) recommend to anyone. Even if you don’t have health issues. It is fabulous to relax!"  Leslie, Franklin, OH


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